Sunday, July 26, 2009


We just got back from nearly 8 hours of traveling home from Aruba late last night (though that felt like nothing compared to the 14 hour journey we took to get there from Minnesota last week...). Over the last week, L and I have had a better chance to talk about our future together, the kids we will eventually have, the house we want to buy, etc., and probably only spent a total of 5 hours apart from each other (stupid Delta Airlines!). Though we have had this major change in our relationship title, there really won't be much that will change in our relationship. We've already lived with each other for over 3 years , and know that we can stand living with each other and will deal with the strange quirks we both have. Neither one of us will be jumping ship anytime soon (L had his chance while we were on the Atlantis VI in Aruba. Plus it's too expensive!), and we'll hopefully be able to keep people updated through photo albums, and journal entries on this site about our lives as newlyweds!